Photo Diary: September 2016


Este es mi primer post en este blog. Un diario. Lo habia posteado en mi antiguo blog, pero acá ya tengo el dominio al fin, así que volveré a escribir todo.

He estado tomando fotos bien random durante el mes y voy a subirlas acá. 

Better late than never, right? LOL.

Hey guys!! This is my first post on this blog, this one i already have it on my older blog but i wanted to share it over here as well since this blog is the one i'm gonna be using from now on. 

About this post. It's a photo diary. I've been taking quite a few pictures but will only share the ones that i like the most.


En la playa. De todas maneras fue un domingo diferente para nosotros ya que con mi familia no somos de ir a la playa muy seguido, sobretodo todos juntos. Los planes salieron porque quería tomarle fotos a mis perros (primera vez de ellos en la playa) y al final todos terminaron acompañándonos. Fue lindo.

Llevamos a mis perros a la playa por primera vez. Fue lindo ver lo felices que estaban.

At the beach. It was definitely a different Sunday because my family and i don't go to the beach too often, at least not all together. We decided to go because i wanted to take some pictures of my dogs on the beach, that was the first time taking them. It was awesome.

We took our doggies to the beach for the first time. They were too excited.

Estas fotos son totalmente random que fui tomando durante el mes.

Y eso es todo, espero que les guste. Nos vemos en el próximo post.

This other pictures are just some -really- random  i took during the month.

And that's it. Hope you guys enjoy it. See you on the next post. XO.