#TBT: Wynwood Part 1


Hace un tiempo estuve viviendo en Florida y tuve la oportunidad de conocer diferentes ciudades de ahí (ciudades es como decir distritos).

Hey guys!

So, a while ago i was "living" in florida(just for 6 months) and i got the chance to go to many cities.

Quedé  enamorada de todas, pero para este post (aprovecho que es #TBT) voy a contarles sobre  una parte de Miami que me encantó, Wynwood. Una ciudad artística. Con murales gigantes llenos de expresión y creados por los mejores artistas del mundo. Artistas desde Estados Unidos hasta Singapur. Mas de 80,000 pies cuadrados de arte en paredes, veredas, puertas, etc. Tendrás un paseo fuera de lo común por calles llenas de colores, efectos y sensaciones que te harán pasar un rato increíble bajo el clima perfecto de Miami

Se ha convertido en un atractivo turístico al cual si o si deberías ir. En serio, no puedes dejar de visitar esta ciudad, te aseguro que no te vas a arrepentir.

Espero que les guste.

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I fell in love with all of them, but for this post (thanks #TBT) i'm gonna talk about Wynwood. Artistic city. Huge murals full of expression and made by the best artists around the world. Artists from the US to Singapore. More than 80,000 square feet of street art. You can find it in walls, ground, doors, etc. You'll have a fun walk around here full of colours and sensations that will make you have the time of your life under the perfect Miami weather. 

You guys should totally go. 

Hope you like it!!

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That day i could only visit José de Diego middle school tho. I went there with my cousin(he took me to church, and of course i said yes, i wanted to spend more time with him because i was leaving Florida soon, but not gonna lie,, i'm not the kind of human to go to church, but i actually liked it a lot, it was different). I couldn't go around other streets, but i think there's enough pictures for this Part 1. I'll be going again in a couple of months, and get ready for part 2 of Wynwood.