We 💜 the 90's

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I was born in 1989, & obviously i grew up with all the 90's stuff


I decided to write this post because my feels went craycray after i saw all the Pepsi Cards my siblings used to collect a thousand years ago & i started to remember about everything we did those years.

Lately i've been seeing  90's fashion like old cartoons tees, or plaid skirts & chockers. Every single girl is using chockers again. I love it!

I'm lucky enough to tell you guys that my mom kept some of the pieces she used to wear back in those days. What a big favor she did. Not only i don't need to spend lots of money on clothes, but also you can't find some of the pieces anymore. Thanks mom!!

But anyway, let's get to the point.

The shows that i used to watch the most were Kenan & Kel,Pete&Pete, Doug, Hey! Arnold, & how to forget LEgends of the hidden Temple, God, i always wanted to go to that show but i was so little, &, of course, Are you afraid of the dark?. What about Clarissa explains it all, Sabrina, Samurai Pizza Cats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80's show but who cares, we all watched it in the 90's), Dinosaurs, Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Power Rangers & way more. What great shows, i could keep writing but i'll take like 10 posts. I can't choose one show as my favorite, it's impossible, those years were filled with amazing shows that were worth watching, not like realities & other tv shows nowadays, it's a shame what we find on tv now.

Movies like Small soldiers, Gremlins 2, Edward Scissorhands, Home Alone, Jurassic Park & Jumanji are important on the movie list. Who wouldn't want to play Jumanji or go to Jurassic World? And if you loved the Spice Girls - like i did- you totally watched Spice World, such a bad movie but who cares right? You you know you totally cried while watching Titanic

If you are a girl, you know you SUFFER when momma tied your hair with this badass hair ties. Damn they hurt so bad, you could feel them breaking your skull. Poor us!!

What about the music? If you used to like the exact same things as your older siblings & cousins, then you totally sang Oasis - Wonderwall. Daaamn that was my jam, and i didn't even understand a thing. And we all danced the Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice "GO NINJA GO NINJA GO", And you had your group of friends to sing and dance WANNABE by Spice Girls, or EVERYBODY by Backstreet Boys, i can totally sing all their songs until now!


I still remember when my siblings' friends used to come home to play nintendo. Their rooms were filled with people playing Mortal Kombat or Mario Kart.

Now the food, my favorite part. 

So much delicious candy out there. 

How not to love the 90's?

There are way so many amazing things about the it. We were free of drama, we watched amazing shows all day long, we had the best toys ever and no single person was looking at a freaking screen. We only needed a ball and friends.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had fun making it. 

Let me know what you guys used to do, or eat. Also Let me know what i forgot. 


I'll leave some pictures i found on Pinterest here!

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